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Black, 100 x 4.8 cm
(divided into 2 rolls)

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It Couldn't Be More Flexible and Realistic

NOCH Road Crepe Paper

The “Asphalt Road” is ideal for recreating realistic road scenes in a landscape. Due to its detailed processing, roads on every model landscape acquire a very realistic appearance. Whether it’s a motorway, a country lane or a road through a local village, the “Asphalt Road” can be incorporated into different landscape settings in a highly customised way. Cars, tractors, bicycles, pedestrians or even motorcyclists make their way across the road to their destination. You can hardly tell the difference from the real thing.

All roads lead to NOCH – because with NOCH Roads, Paths and Squares, you can very easily create a true-to-original road network. The benefits of the material are convincing: NOCH Road Crepe Paper is self-adhesive, exceptionally elastic, tear-resistant – and above all, very easy to work with. Bends, in particular, can be reproduced easily and effectively with NOCH Road Crepe Paper. In addition, NOCH Road Crepe Paper is ideally suited to the FALLER Car System.

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    EAN 4007246604104
    Inhalt 0.05 qm
    Gewicht 25 g
    Breite 48,00 mm
    Länge 1000,00 mm
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    • All NOCH Roads, Paths and Squares are self-adhesive and made of particularly elastic and tear-resistant special crepe paper. This means that bends of all kinds can be laid effortlessly. In the case of extremely tight bends (e.g. hairpin bends on mountain stretches), cut the tapes a little at the bend radius and then glue them on with a slight overlap. You can realise both solid and broken centre lines.
    • Most NOCH Roads packs comprise two individual rolls of lane. The centre line is solid on one roll and broken on the other. If you now want to build a road with a solid centre line, for example, first lay the roll with the broken line and glue on the other side of the road with the solid line, slightly overlapping it. If a solid centre line is to become a broken one after a few centimetres of road, lightly cut the roll with the broken line at the ‘cutting site’ and glue this overlapping onto the roll with the solid line.
    • NOCH Road Crepe Paper is ideally suited to the FALLER Car System: first fasten the special contact wire with some adhesive tape. Then lay the NOCH Road Crepe Paper over the special contact wire. The FALLER Car System vehicles safely do their laps on the NOCH Road Crepe Paper.

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